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    Want to give a gift that certainly won't go to waste or sit on a shelf collecting dust?!  Consumables always make a great gift for those hard to buy for people in your life. Available in any amount divisible by $50, please just put the total amount you'd like in the order notes and adjust the quantity to match. We would be happy to drop them in the mail on your behalf with a personal greeting card as well.
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    Grass-fed Lamb Variety Pack (Approximate Side)

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    Our tender, flavorful cuts of lamb – your choice of chops or rack, shoulder, leg roast, shanks, stewing chunks, and ground. You’ll get the equivalent of a side of lamb (roughly 22 lbs), ready for your classic, ethnic or avant-garde treatment. For detailed information on what's included, see the tables below. NOTE: We are currently out of lamb stock. Lamb orders made today will be filled in December 2020 / January 2021. Your order will ensure you are at the top of the wait list next time we process lamb. Make your selection of cuts below….
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    Tanned Lamb Skin

    The sheep we raise are not wool sheep, but hair sheep which means we don’t shear them; their hair sheds naturally in the spring.  When the lambs are butchered we send the lambskins off to a tannery and they produce beautiful and durable rugs, couch throws, car seat covers, crib and stroller liners or whatever you see fit to use them for! The fleece of lambskin has excellent insulating properties and is also resistant to flame, dirt, moisture and static electricity.  Lambskin is a natural insulator and has temperature-regulating properties, keeping you warm in the winter and cool in the summer.  This makes it a great choice for newborn babies that are learning to regulate their body temperatures.  Lambskins have a soothing effect that can result in better sleep and since they are gentle on your skin, they are great for people with sensitive skin or babies that are prone to skin rashes.  Wool is considered by the medical profession to be hypoallergenic.

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