Here is an option to get all the benefits of purchasing meat in bulk directly from us (pork, beef, lamb) and Peregrine Farm (chicken) without being overwhelmed with a large quantity all at once!

⭐️ Save $ buying in bulk.

⭐️ Get to know the people that grow your food!  We love knowing our customers, and this is a chance to visit us, ask questions and learn about the farm at each pick up.

⭐️ Feel good knowing that your food choices are environmentally friendly, animal humane and healthy for you and your family

Your bulk purchase will be delivered in 4 instalments over the course of 4 months to Odla Restaurant & Market on the second Thursday of each month (or you can choose to have your order delivered to any Saskatoon address)!  If this sounds like something you want to check out fill out this form and we’ll see you soon!



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