When will my order be ready?

When will my order be ready?
April 4, 2016 Michelle Avis

That’s a good question – and unfortunately, we can’t give you an exact date. There is a host of unknown factors in raising animals – the date of their birth, when they go out to pasture, their health, how fast they grow, even their genetics and personality (is this animal a jock or a couch potato?).  Because our local craft butcher only works with a limited number of animals at a given time, we can’t predict with certainty exactly when your animal will be butchered, but the chart below will give you a ballpark idea.

We can promise you, however, that if you place your order early, you will receive your box early. And when we are preparing to send your animal for processing, we will let you know when your box is likely to be ready. Here is the general timeline:



Delivered &/or Pickup


October through the beginning of November

October & November



Early December



Late November through December


Early September