Do you struggle with the omnivores dilemma of what you “should” have for dinner?  With the myriad of food choices we have today it can be tough to know which are the most ethical, sustainable and environmentally friendly.

You’d love to slow down, eat healthier and sit down to dinner as a family more often; enjoying that juicy steak without feeling guilty for not knowing how it was raised or where it came from.

That’s why I’m so glad you’re here because I’m about to make that choice so much easier!

Our pasture raised pork and grass-fed beef & lamb along with our newsletters with recipes and tips will help you get delicious family meals on the table that you can feel good about!

My husband, Brett and I both grew up on farms and after high school we did the usual sorts of things young people do – travel, college/university, careers in the city, procreation – but we just couldn’t ignore the call of the land and soon we were moving out to a farm of our own.

It wasn’t until we moved away from the farm that we realized how special it was to have that direct connection to the land and to be so close to the source of your food and we want to share that with you!

-Arlie LaRoche

There’s enormous satisfaction in knowing that our holistic farm management  is making difference for the land and the planet, as well as the animals we raise and the people who buy from us. And a deep excitement in knowing that we’re helping to give our customers a better perspective on life, nature, and food!

These are experiences we all need these days, when humans are becoming progressively more disconnected from the sources of our food. They’re experiences that remind us of what it is to be alive at the most basic level.