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Step 1. Choose Your Delivery / Pick-up Method

If you haven’t already done so, please select your delivery / pick-up method. Can’t remember if you already made (and paid for) your selection? View your order invoice in Step 2 below.

You have three options for getting your order in your hands:

  1. Pick up at farm (Free): Take a drive in the country, 15-minutes west of Saskatoon, pick up your order, and stay to tour the farm!  The other bonus is, you’ll get a chance to purchase other smaller items like honey, eggs, soap, etc. that are typically only available at the farm.
  2. Clustered delivery at a public site: We announce when and where we’ll be distributing orders to customers (usually during the week, over a noon hour) and you let us know if you can make it to pick up during that time.
  3. Home delivery: We’ll let you know when your order is ready, and coordinate a date and time for delivery.  

Clustered & home delivery have a small fee.

Step 2. Pay Any Remaining Balance Due From Your Order(s)

Click on the button below to view your order(s), and pay any remaining balance due.



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