Cows in a field.


We’ve known our cattle since they were fuzzy, wide-eyed, knock-kneed calves…in fact, we started out by fostering orphan calves from my Dad’s farm! Then, when he decided to stop cattle-farming, we bought three of his nice cows to start a herd of our own. That herd has grown from three to about a dozen cows; they’re an Angus/Gelbveigh cross and are great mothers. We let them calve out on pasture and interfere as little as possible, using holistically managed grazing practices to give them a natural life that supports their health and the health of the land. Raised with chemical-free forage and plenty of sunshine and exercise, our steers produce beef with extraordinary flavor. Studies have shown that grass fed beef when compared to grain fed has less total and saturated fat and more vitamins C and E, beta-carotene and health-promoting fats like omega-3 and conjugated linoleic acid. Truly extraordinary by any standard!