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We figure that by giving our pigs a healthy, outdoor, free-range life and a local, balanced, GMO-free diet, we’ll not only improve their health and quality of life, but also achieve an end product of the highest quality.

And from all we can see, it’s working! Unlike sheep and cows, pigs are omnivores. To meet their protein requirements, we give them plenty of fruit and vegetable scraps, along with a mix of grain we mill ourselves on the farm.  We grow the grain without the use of chemicals; usually legumes, barley, oats, wheat or rye and mix them in appropriate proportions. In addition to this high-nutrient diet, they feast on the grass, legumes, vegetables and roots that they scavenge in the pastures. Pigs are natures’ roto-tillers so if they’ve left the pasture in an overly worked up state we will over seed it with anything from beets, turnips, peas, collards, radish, kale and grains which they come back later and devour with gusto!

The result? Healthy, lean pigs with a beneficial ecological impact, which produce unusually tasty, nutrient-packed meat…meat that’s worthy of any gourmet restaurant, or your proudest feast!