Liver is a nutritional powerhouse

Liver is a nutritional powerhouse
July 27, 2023 Arlie Laroche

Are you a liver fan?  I have to admit I never was until a few years ago but I had heard so many times about the health benefits that I decided it was time to put my big girl pants on a give it a try!
My dad loves liver so who better to give me a tutorial on how to prepare it?  His suggestions were to fry bacon and onions (set aside) and then coat the sliced liver in flour and fry for just a minute or two on each side in the bacon fat (very important not to overcook lest your liver takes on the consistency of shoe leather).
My first experience was surprising; I expected to hate it but it was very tasty!  And even more surprising, after a month or two I found myself craving it!  Now every few months I get a big craving for liver and I don’t really get this with any other food.  My theory is that since liver is so packed with vitamins and minerals my body knows and cues me when it needs replenishment.
Liver is one of the best sources of available iron and is also rich in zinc, phosphorus, selenium and copper.   It is loaded with vitamins A and B.
Some people are concerned about liver because it’s function is to filter toxins but it does not store them.  Instead, the liver stores many important nutrients, which can actually help the body remove toxins.
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